Azure Logic Apps are Enterprise Integration Service and as such their main purpose is orchestration, integration and scheduling of tasks in a simple way. With easy to use user interface, no coding design and powerful extensibility you can easily integrate services in minutes.


After months of preparation, it’s finally here… My own YouTube channel focusing on making Azure knowledge accessible to everyone. I proudly present to you my first episode Azure Logic Apps Introduction on Azure 4 Everyone.

I’m really excited and I hope this will be a beginning for new place to learn Azure.


In today episode I will cover

  1. Azure Logic Apps Overview
  2. How Logic Apps work
  3. Logic App demo with HTTP as RESTful service
  4. Logic App demo with HTTP as RESTful service and BLOB logging
  5. Logic App demo with BLOB trigger and email sending


Final thoughts

This is the first of hopefuly many videos on Azure 4 Everyone channel. I hope this is useful for anyone out there starting with Azure services. Please share your feedbacks as this is my main drive to create more!

Adam Marczak

Programmer, architect, trainer, blogger, evangelist are just a few of many titles. What I really am, is a passionate technology enthusiast. I take great pleasure in learning new technologies and finding ways in which it can aid people every day. My latest passion is running an Azure 4 Everyone YouTube channel, where I show that Azure really is for everyone!

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