Virtual Machines are beating heart and a core component of any cloud. With wide range of use cases and flexibility of virtualizing most of commonly known operating systems it is possible to move pretty much any software to the cloud.


In this episode I give you introduction to what Azure Virtual Machine service is and what are the key concepts around it. This video also shows what are the Virtual Machine components, how to they relate to each other and how can Azure help you build highly scalable and highly available solutions.


In a short demo I will show you

  • Creating Virtual Machines using Azure Portal
  • Connecting to Windows Virtual Machine using RDP and Remote Desktop Connection Manager
  • Creating Virtual Machines using Azure CLI
  • Connecting to Linux Virtual Machine SSH
  • Integrating with Key Vault
  • Configuring VMs using extensions
  • Updating Network Security Groups
  • Managing Disks for Virtual Machine


Next steps for you after watching the video

  1. Virtual Machines documentation
  2. Availability options
  3. Spot instances
  4. Disks
  5. Ultra SSDs
  6. Managed disks
  7. Virtual Networks
  8. Security Groups
  9. Accelerated networking

Adam Marczak

Programmer, architect, trainer, blogger, evangelist are just a few of many titles. What I really am, is a passionate technology enthusiast. I take great pleasure in learning new technologies and finding ways in which it can aid people every day. My latest passion is running an Azure 4 Everyone YouTube channel, where I show that Azure really is for everyone!

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