My latest tutorial about basics of Azure Active Directory is here. It is a very powerful identity and access management service that is very well integrated with majority of Microsoft’s cloud services.


Whenever you are an application developer, an IT administrator or simply a Microsoft 365, Office 365 or Dynamics CRM subscriber, you can take advantage of all the amazing features that Azure AD provides.


In this episode live demo of

  • 00:00 Introduction to Azure AD
  • 01:38 What is an Identity?
  • 04:28 What is an Identity Provider?
  • 09:18 Azure AD portal demo
  • 18:10 Azure AD group management
  • 20:22 What is Access Management?
  • 22:48 Access Management portal demo
  • 24:30 ADDS vs Azure AD vs Azure ADDS
  • 27:45 Additional Features


Next steps for you after watching the video

  1. Azure AD documentation
  2. Azure AD vs ADDS
  3. Create Demo Tenant
  4. How Azure AD groups work

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