-Describe the purpose of the Microsoft Privacy Statement, Online Services Terms (OST) and Data Protection Amendment (DPA) -Describe the purpose of the Trust Center -Describe the purpose of the Azure compliance documentation -Describe the purpose of Azure Sovereign Regions (Azure Government cloud services and Azure China cloud services)


It’s easy to get lost when learning about the topics of security, privacy and compliance. With this episode I present those topics using my personal touch. Hope you will like it!

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  • 00:00 Episode Introduction
  • 00:46 Microsoft Privacy Statement
  • 02:30 Online Services Terms (OST)
  • 03:30 Data Protection Addendum (DPA)
  • 04:13 Trust Center
  • 07:50 Azure Compliance Documentation
  • 09:17 Azure Sovereign Regions
  • 12:30 Summary



Adam Marczak

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